Ennia Visentin



You can find a long decorator's tradition of venetian school and a deep passion for classical painting in all her works.
She has been working in decoration field and mural restorations for many years and she paints "trompe l'oeil" with modern and ancient techniques on wall, canvas, wood and glass.
Decoration and gild forniture, fresco painting.
She got diploma by Meylemans Institute for Advanced Studies in Kapellen - Belgium, for imitation of woods and marbles.
She partecipated in "Restauro 91" an art restauration and preservation fair, as representative of the Pordenone's decorators' work group, at the stand of the "ESA".


"Koine" a forniture and church ornaments fair in Vicenza.
She supported various art group exhibitions in Italy and you can also find some work in Austria, Germany and USA. Moreover, some decorated forniture have been exhibited at the forniture fairs of Paris, Koln, Milan and Verona.
She taughts decoration and trompe l'oeil : at the professional institute "ESMEA" in Udine, at the "Free Accademy
of Cividale del Friuli" and at the boarding school "Don Bosco" in Pordenone, at the craftsmen's association in Treviso, during the artistic and architectonical restoration classes, and at the craftsmen's association in Pordenone during the professional refresher courses for decorators. At Venice European Center for the trades and professions of the conservation of architectural heritage - San Servolo - Venezia

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